Every business has unique security requirements.

Whether you have an office, store, shop, storage unit, or warehouse, you need to protect your employees, patrons, property, and assets. We are a local company that provides first top quality business services to local businesses. Our trained, certified, and professional technicians know how to provide cost-effective solutions to your business’ security needs.

Efficient security solutions

Whether your place of work needs routine services or your panic bar is no longer working, we understand the importance of making sure your business continues operations. Our knowledgeable technicians and efficient security solutions will help identify risks unique to your business and property.


✔ Lock Repair
✔ Change Locks
✔ Lock Installation
✔ High Security System and Locks
✔ Key Pad and Smart Lock Installation and Repair
✔ Filing Cabinet Lock Repair and Installation
✔ Safes


✔ Key pad and Smart Lock Installation and Repair
✔ Intercom system installation and repairs
✔ Access Management, Fob Readers and Proxy Readers Installation
✔ Access Control and Intercom Systems
✔ Key Card Installation


✔ Push bars and Panic Bar Installation and Repair
✔ Door Closer Repair and Installation
✔ Folding Gates and Security Gates


The most popular keyless access control system. It’s simple and easy to use for businesses.

Kisi lets you use your phone as a keycard

Give your coworkers the flexibility to unlock doors with their smartphones. Or, when necessary, you can issue traditional keycards—it all comes with the benefit of cloud management for you as an administrator.