From Homes, Small Shops to Major Retail Chains

If you have a broken door, a door that needs to be fixed or replaced, or want a new door installed, we are your local door repair experts that provide top quality services. Whether it is for your business or home, our licensed and insured company offers door repair and installation services around the clock.

From homes, small shops to major retail chains, we are here to fix your closer, hinge, panic device, or your strike electric to get your door back into working condition. We understand the importance of making sure doors are working properly to secure your homes or businesses and are here for you 24 hours a day.


✔ Hinge Repair and Replacement
✔ Closer Repair and Installation 
✔ Strike Electric Repair and Replacement   
✔ Repair and Replace Push bars and Panic Bar, Panic Devices   
✔ Keypad Repair
✔ Welding 


✔ Roll Up Doors
✔ Folding Gates and Security Gates
✔ Sliding Doors
✔ Store Fronts
✔ Security Gates 
✔ ADA Doors 
✔ Weather Stripping 
✔ Emergency Board Up Services